LED Grow Lights in South Beach, Oregon, provides LED light bulbs,grow bars,and led grow panels for the healthy growth of plants. Learn about the advantages of using these.

 The LED Advantage:
 Replaces or Complement Existing Grow Lights Replaces Noisy Lights and Ballasts
 Puts High Intensity Light in a Confined Area Solar and wind Power Compatibility is Endless
 We make LED Grow Bulbs, LED grow Panels, and Led grow Bars in DC voltage also
 Reduces Power Consumption Safe to Operate (No Exploding Bulbs and Does Not Burn Plants)
 Reduces heat Output Environmentally Safe ( Contains No Hazardous Materials)
 Cuts Your Maintenance costs Warranty Period is Three to Five, Depending on the Product

 Why LED Grow Lights Are Better:

 Plants do not use all parts of the spectrum equally. This is because photosynthetic pigments, like chlorophyll and carotene, absorb light very strongly at particular wavelengths. LED lighting uses the right colors in the proper proportions. This speeds up the absorption process of the plant's chlorophyll. Our light bulbs,bars,and panels produce light that plants can efficiently use for growth.

 Longer Lifespan:

 The lifespan of our products is 50,000 hours. This is equivalent to burning a light for 18 hours a day, for seven years and seven months.

​ Energy Efficient:

 Save up to 75% on power over HID lighting. Our bulbs reduce or eliminate power consumption caused by extra blowers and air conditioning systems.

 Vegetative growth:

 Grow your plants without damaging them. Our bulbs consume 25%~ 10% of the power and up to 100% of the light that they emit are beneficial for plant growth.

 Low Heat Output:

 Warm to the touch, our light bulbs produce very little heat. They don't need special ventilation or air conditioning.

 Economical Bulbs:

 Let us minimize your expenses on electricity. Since our bulbs have-long life, low power consumption, and high efficiency, they are a cost-efficient choice for your indoor plant growing needs. You may adjust the red and blue lights for optimum results.

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