Functional LED Grow Lights from Trusted Lighting Manufacturers
Functional LED Grow Lights from Trusted Lighting Manufacturers
Based in South Beach, Oregon, our lighting manufacturers are the first in the world to come up with innovative plant lights.LED Grow Lights combines the gentleness of fluorescent with the growing power of High-intensity discharges (HID). Our lights don't scorch young or tender plants.
Plant Growth:

Grow your plants quickly without spending too much money. Our lights are designed to effectively and affordably grow plants such as:
  Wheat and Parsley                                        

  Grow Light Models:
  LED's Growing Green, The creator of LED Grow Lights was founded to manufacture and distribute the most effective, affordable, and serviceable LED products. In the spring of 2003, we introduced the world's first LED plant lights, #R180 and #B70 LED Grow light.

  Quality Assurance:

  We manufacture and market LED light Bulbs, Bars and Panels. It is are only business. All of our products are developed and tested in growing a variety of plants. We then have our lights designed according to our strict research
 -based specifications. Furthermore, we test our lights side-by-side with LED plant lights from other companies to confirm that our remain the most effective and economical.  

  Common Mistakes on growing with LED's:

LED grow light becomes widely used worldwide, generally they replace the traditional artificial 
(CFL, HPS, HID, etc.). And most of these users once use traditional grow lights, while they turn to 
the led grow light; they forgot to use new growing method, that’s why many led grow lights testers 
think LED grow light is not as good as other people say.

The following is several common mistakes while using led grow lights for a marijuana grow.

 Distance from Light to Plant

Though the led grow lights have stronger light intensity, they don’t emit so much heat as 
traditional grow lights, so LED grow light can be much closer to the plants .Many users hang the 
led grow light too high, that’s why they find their plants don’t grow much under led grow light . A 
second mistakes about the distance is growers don’t adjust the height while plants growing. 
Different growing stage, plants need different light intensity, growers need to be flexible during 
the flowering and budding stage because the light requirement can vary. Users must decide upon the 
distance of the light according to the response of their plants to ensure maximum growth. We found 
that 6-8” give the most products.

 Watering Plants Too Much or Too Little Choosing

One of the common mistakes the growers made while they turn to the led grow light for the first 
time is they water their plants as often as they use traditional grow lights. That’s not right, 
because LED grow light emit less heat, which result in decrease of the average evaporation rate. 
Therefore, it is very easy for the growers to over-water their plants, and make the plants have 
rotten roots. The best way out is water the plants depend on feeding and evaporation rates, and the 
plants’ reaction.

  Temperature Control

The reason people choose grow indoor is they can control the environmental factors, like 
temperature. Then it comes another common mistake growers usually made while they just switch to 
the led grow light .

Most growers tent to have their grow room lower temperature because of the high heat emit of HID , 
HPS .However they forget the led grow light emit less heat , if the environment temperature is too 
low and the LED grow light can’t offer enough heat , the plants can’t grow well in a low 
temperature grow room. The recommended temperature for a grow room equipped with led grow lights 
should be about bout 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best way to Get rid of these easy-to-avoid, and yet often repeated mistakes is get to know more
about the unique features of led grow lights .

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