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Single 36w LED Grow bulbs,
12x3w LEDs,6 bands,25v~45v DC,AC 100~240V,we offer four different ways.Actual power draw is 22 watts.
6500K blue~white
630nm Veg growing
660nm Blooming or non streching.
6 band full spectrum
3 year warranty
    Track Bar connectors                       D.C.Voltage grow flood lite                         Track Bars & sockets 
Can be use for grow room,grow tents, greenhouses and side lighting.We offer them several ways or can customize them for your needs.Come with wall brackets and hooks for hanging.
Waterproof.3 year warranty.

We offer a 5 watt red 630,15 watt Green 535nm, a 3 band blue 15 watt,
all but the red 630 are par 30 bulbs.3 year warranty
We offer Full spectrum LED Grow Flood lights.10 watt 12V DC,IP65,
3 year warranty
These can be ordered in 20,30,50,80,100,200 watt
We offer track bars in 1',2'4' and sockets for them. 3 year warranty
We offer 90 degree corners,3 way, 4 way, flex-connectors,
cord/plug set 18' and case lot when ask for.
60 watt LED Grow Bars GG
par 30
Track bars
22 watt LED Grow Bulbs GG
Can be use on the farm or in greenhouse.
Has 432 3 watt diode, we are offering a 7 band
Led bar with 12 bars and frame in two size of frame.
​we offer price breaks at 10,100,300 units.the spectrum can be adjusted for your needs.
AC 100-277 Volts,Either 4x3 and 4x4 frames.3 year warranty, have three different models we make up for MMJ.check photo Gallery.
12 bar unit